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"Stop The Warble"



This program changes lives from the inside out  


Sometimes life gets busy …we have so many balls in the air juggling everything all at once we have no time to look at the

ground... We could step right off a cliff and not even know it.


Where are you now 


We get so far out of ourselves in the to-dos and schedule that we feel we are no longer here… that’s because we live in next week. We become disjointed and fractured from being pulled in so many directions at once… This is the warble.

 "Help I'm Going Crazy" 

When its time to get grounded back into yourself here in the present moment we can help …

Take the time to change things 


We work with you in ways that nobody has before. Experts that know are astounded at the ease in which the change unfolds in such a minimal allotted time. Our program changes people. Our program is cutting edge, effective and empowering. We help you transform your life from the inside out giving you tools to continue in a state of grounded wholeness for the rest of your life. 


If you are in the warble get the help you need now!! 


  "Some are locked in a life void of love and light, by their own doing.

Trapped in a room without locks, hearts closed, mind numb, refusing to see HOPE.
Some prisons have no bars, or guards.
The key to your release is within.
The peace and love you search for must start, with you.
Break these chains, and find your true purpose in life.
You were born to live, not to simply survive". 
Rocky Norris

Choose The Right Program For You... 
  • One-to-One in Edmonton or online world wide
  • Group Programs at your office, your home or online
  • Weekend Retreats in your home, town or city

The better you feel, emotionally,

the more you are allowing your alignment with Source.

The worse you feel, the more you are resisting Source.

When no resistance is being offered by you,

your natural state of alignment resumes undefined

and so does the alignment between your cells and their Source.

The more good-feeling thoughts you focus upon,

the more you allow the cells of your body to thrive.

You will notice a marked improvement in clarity, agility, stamina, and vigor,

for you are literally breathing your way to Well-Being,

until chronic feelings of appreciation, love, eagerness, and joy

will confirm that you have released all resistance

and are now allowing Well-Being.~ Abraham

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