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Erica ~ Motivational Keynote Speaker 

I am a dynamic speaker and am able to shift and raise the vibration of groups to new heights, freeing the minds and hearts of all audiences. I can customize a program that fits the interests of you and your group.

If you would like to sponsor me to work with your group, this is how we can make it happen.

Sponsor Responsibilities: 
Invite me to come to your hometown or favorite retreat location
· Set the price 
· Obtain the meeting space 
· Publicize the event 
· Market the event 
· Receive registrations and deposits 
· Collect, account for, and disperse the finances 
· Obtain comfortable lodging and transportation for me

Cover the following expenses:
· Air and ground transportation 
· Lodging 
· Meals 
· Daily fee for service (varies depending on how we structure the program)

Contact me to set up details at 780 433-5552 or e-mail me at boersma99@hotmail.com

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