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Group Coaching

How do I know if Conscious Creations Unlimited is right for my group (business/corporation/organization/school/team/friends/family)?

  • Does your group need a tune-up? Do you have a group that just is not gelling or making progress... Is there drama, complaining or gossip among the group? Have you hit a plateau and don’t know what step to take next? Do you feel hopeless, powerless and believe change would be more hassle than what it’s worth?

  • Has there been transition or change (divorce/death/disability) that people are having difficulty with adjusting to?
  • Do you know a group of people that could benefit from a greater understanding on how to consciously create a desired reality?
If you said yes to any one of these questions, Conscious Creations Unlimited can help.  Let us show you how… let’s get YOU energized about life again

Group Coaching consists of a small group of people coming together on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis for 1-2 hours to discuss and participate in any of the following topics:

Conscious Creations ~ Learn how to become a conscious creator and create the life you desire, with the support of others to assist you through the learning process.

Letting Go ~Life After Death or Divorce ~ When there is an ending in our lives, it can be difficult to move forward, redefine who we are and shift our focus, however, it is not impossible and is actually necessary for us to get unstuck.

My Children are Driving Me Nuts ~ A support group for parents

Adolescence - Who Am I ~ A support group for teenagers who are struggling with who they are and who they wish to be.

The Team Spirit

The magic is in this very NOW moment and it's never too late to get started! Contact Erica today to find out which coaching program is right for you.  It's never too late to make the 1st step towards creating the changes you want in your life today: Come and join in with a Group that meets your needs.

Group Coaching (groups of 3-11 people):

Group Program With Erica (6 sessions, weekly/monthly)

Group Session With Erica (1 session)



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