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Thank You Erica... 

You have no idea how much you have done for me - you really don't - but you really have - amazingly big gratitude. You do not know Erica - but you have played a VERY significant part of an AMAZING story. Thank you forever - one day you will know - thank you for ever - it's kind of a big deal even if you did nothing else - what you have already done - who you are - your intentions - your 'addition' to the wave - is acknowledged by ALL with so much joy - Erica - never doubt for a second that you are on track - YOU ARE EXACTLY ON TRACK - you are perfect - you have fulfilled a fundamental aspect of a puzzle - thank you again - i can't say anything else about it! Thank you for gifting me with this high vibrational experience! 

Forever and ever know that you are profound divinity and the beauty within you is felt and shared and drawn upon beyond your wildest dreams Erica- how could i ever express the depth of my gratitude- move beyond ANY limiting thought- you may create ANYTHING you like - You are that powerful. Know all is well - know all is perfect and know that the work you are doing and the part you are playing is more than your current awareness is able to comprehend- NEVER underestimate your powerful intention. It is done.

Danielle Bell


Thank you so much for responding and for your loving kindness. I appreciate it tremendously! You are such a beautiful, radiant, wise, benevolent soul! Please know that I have joined your fan page. I appreciate immensely your inspiring, edifying, galvanizing contributions and spirit so very much and wanted to express my heartfelt thanks! Please let me know if i can be helpful to you in any way. Have a wonderful, very blessed Easter weekend with your loved ones!

Katherine Henry

Hey Erica,

Just wanted to share that the moment I started this course I got feelings (bliss, love, happiness) all over my body.
I get these feelings when I listen to music or anything full of emotion, beauty, love or something that rings true for me.

I also got these feelings when listening to your radio show, so I just want to say I am feeling your good vibrations and I can feel your love, I am really glad that i am doing your course it gives me something to focus on.

 I can relate to everything you are saying. 
I would just like to say thank-you for your course and radio show for it points me in the right direction and allows me to feel the vibrations of love and the higher consciousness that is available if I am in tune.

I look forward to going deeper into the wonderful courses you create and sharing what else I learn as I go on this exciting voyage into the unknown. Maybe I will find some more hidden treasures, if I do I will be sure to share it for what use is my treasure (love, joy, happiness, peace) unless I can share it.

Thanks for listening!
From Ireland

Coachlouise said…
Your site has been a real treasure, Love your book, love your vibration,
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