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Are you aware of your thoughts and how they are attracting people, places, and events into your reality? The more expansive your thoughts are, the more expansive is the reality you create. Learn how to master your thoughts by focusing on and creating the reality you desire.

Did you know that joy within manifests itself in the physical world as peace, abundance, growth, purpose and passion, and wellness? If this is what joy creates, then what do you think fear creates? Fear is a looping spiral of negative thoughts that create everything you do not want like illness, stress, loss, and a sense of hopelessness. Does joy or fear reside within you? Learn how to move beyond fear and into a state of blissful joy, passion and purpose.

Did you know that if each person took the personal responsibility to bring joy, passion, and purpose into their reality, our workplaces and home life would be transformed? What are you creating? Are you adding to your collective goals or taking away from the focus and clarity of vision. Know your power and focus your energy on the desired outcomes. Believe in yourself and BE the change you have always desired. 

As you move through accelerating your focus and energy to higher vibrations, there comes a time when you take responsibility for what you created and what you are creating in the NOW moment. To own your life in its full expression means being mindful of what you spend your time thinking about and doing. When you see your need to participate in drama and problem orientated conversation as dis-empowering to you, you are becoming more accountable as you move away from these actions. Through consciousness you take back the control over your energy. Through this training you will become more aware of how to increase your focus and maintain it. We need to take responsibility because our inner world reflects our outer world.

"What would it be like if a fear such as judgement, anger, loss or abandonment were to show up and instead of feeding those emotions,

we were to go into neutral and have no response to them? How would it feel to allow that emotion to float right past us? 

By imagining this scenario, we are also learning to accomplish this in real time.

This is how we activate our conscious manifestation process." 

Value Your Vibration

"Whether you think you can, or think you can't...you're right." ~ Henry Ford

"Belief fuels enthusiasm, and enthusiasm explodes into passion. It fires our souls and lifts our spirits." ~ Mac Anderson

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