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Personal Transformation

An Amazing New Personal Transformation Retreat is NOW available...

Simply begin to imagine if you will… a Personal Transformation Retreat with Erica, where you transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly. During this retreat, you naturally unfold becoming free of fear, limitation, boredom, negative beliefs, and connect to a part of yourself that is filled with passion, dreams, healing and new ideas. What would you say to your self besides … “wow this is amazing”, yes it is because out of all the experts that know of this work they simply say how quick and easy this process is. You see once you understand how you work internally, changes happen quickly... this is the difference Erica discovered that is now offered to you as a weekend retreat. Imagine the feeling of relief as you move from any point A to point B. Come and experience the personal transformation yourself.

Sometimes you just need time to “STOP” and change your path in life to a brighter one. Time to change a belief or two and listen to a new perspective. This retreat is designed to bring you the full transformational experience you have been looking for. You will learn laugh and transform your life from the inside out. All change begins from the core of whom you are, unfolding and spreading its way out into your life. By learning the internal working tools, you will change the reactions you have to life and then the circumstances in your life will unfold with joy and a feeling of magic.

The tools you will learn in this retreat are said to be priceless by countless people and most often they wonder why this was not taught in school. You will learn cutting edge tools to help your self for the rest of your life.

So you know exactly what you want your life to be, so come and become it.

Thought for the day:
No matter how old we are, we all have an inner child that needs nurturing.
Take time to listen in to you inner child's needs and set aside some time to nurture yourself or just play ♥

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