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Current Topics for Retreats, Keynote Speeches, and Group Gatherings

  • Conscious Creations ~ YOU create all the time... Learn how to consciously create your dream life
  • All about YOU! ~ Stop the Warble, Stop the Drama and START living the life YOU want
  • Evolving Relationships ~ Journey to self-love
  • Human Harmonics ~ The basics of BEING human
  • Personal Transformation ~ Shifting your perspectives, Changing your life!
  • Value Your Vibration ~  Choosing to react or not

Past Events

  • Personal Transformation (Weekend Retreat)
  • Human Harmonics (Radio Show and Teleconference)
  • Value Your Vibration (Workshop and Teleconference)
  • Conscious Creations (TV, Radio Seminars)
  • Calming Your Emotions  (Radio Show)
  • Healing from the inside out (Radio and TV Talk Shows)
  • Evolving our Relationships (Radio Seminar)
  • Going with the Flow (Radio)
  • Creating Abundant Realities (Radio)
  • You are Good Enough (Radio and TV Talk Shows)
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