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Erica Boersma , BASc (Psy) C.Hyp

is an International Motivational Transformation Coach, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Media Personality (TV and Radio Show Host), and Author of Value Your Vibration. Erica is the Creator of Conscious Creations UnlimitedErica was recognized in 2010 by “A Celebration of Women ~ World HUB @ Wheel of Women Leaders that Care” (http://acelebrationofwomen.org/?p=2452) as one of the World's Top Women Taking Action. You can also find Erica as an Expert at D.I.V.A. College: www.divacollege.com/Harmonic Utopia.

As President and Founder, Erica works with individuals, families, communities, teams and organizations (in person and on-line) utilizing a wide spectrum of human development techniques which allow for the integration of best practices of all the world's wisdom to obtain focus, achieve and maintain balance, increase positive outcomes and find true joy and satisfaction through simple shifts in energy alignment to one's core passion. Erica's focus is on personal empowerment and assisting people in Valuing their Vibration.

Erica is a dynamic and energizing presenter and performer with over 25 years experience providing leading edge Programs that inspire and empower all ages, ignites enthusiasm and fosters growth. She has helped people all over the world to find freedom from past limitations and experience expanded levels of harmony, abundance, health, and creativity in their daily lives. Erica has group, personal one-to-one and on-line coaching sessions, courses, events and speaking engagements available for individuals and organizations ready to experience transformation through consciously creating desired outcomes.

Is there something you want to change in your life?

Don't let fear and stress rob you of your best moments any longer... BE your best you. There is a Solution to all challenges and issues in life. When we change our inner world, the world around us changes. The time is NOW to take back your INTERNAL world.

Every individual possesses the keys to their freedom within them and it is just waiting to be released. Erica  will help you to focused and energize what you desire and will teach you how to unplug from fear and put your finger on the power switch within you to shift to higher vibratory states. Just imagine the freedom you will experience as you leave fear behind and step into freedom. It is time to experience Miracles of your making… you are provided with the keys… change your beliefs and perceptions and change your life.

If you really want to transform fears into opportunities, obtain focus, achieve alignment, maintain balance, increase positive outcomes and experience true joy and freedom you so richly deserve, you've got to book an appointment with Erica at http://consciouscreationsunlimited.roundtablelive.org and/or boersma99@hotmail.com and start moving towards consciously creating joy in your life. 

Contact Erica now, you will be glad you did!

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