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Erica is a high energy keynote speaker who has a unique skill set that helps groups of people, organizations and corporations to take advantage of change for growth and transformation at all levels. Fully engaged individuals are the key to productivity, performance, innovation and ultimately profitability for any organization. Let Erica introduce a comprehensive, cutting edge approach to ensure that your success is sustainable from the individual on up.

"Successful people have four things in common... 
knowing where you are going; 
loving what you do; 
the curiosity to learn all you can; and, 
creating successful relationships."

As an employer you benefit by having focused, energized and motivated staff.

As an employee you benefit by participating, as these seminars

will transform all areas you energize in your life!

Choose to BE a Conscious Creator

And start Living the Reality

You TRULY Desire!

 Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun - Colleen C. Barrett

The Problem

Fast paced stressful work environments, demanding work-life balance, aging population, economic challenges, natural disasters and increasing disability costs... what type of miracle will it take to stop the spiraling spin of fear and replace it with something grander than anything you have ever experienced, realized, or imagined before in your life.

The Solution

NOW” is the time for change. Invest in a new energy and empower your employees to consciously create a work environment that is aligned to joy and passion again. Experience a workplace transformation that will improve profits, productivity, commitment, retention, creativity, passion, and decrease benefit utilization, absences, turnover and employee grievances. I AM dedicated to assisting people and workplaces in creating harmonious, balanced, fulfilling environments and meaningful gains through passion driven employees. Each employee does make a difference.

Be The Change

Engagement is a two-way process in which employees and their companies and organizations make commitments to one another and align their goals and aspirations. It is about making an "emotional investment" in one another. Companies and organizations endeavor to give their employees meaning and purpose when they come to work and employees reciprocate by bringing the whole of themselves to their work, embracing it with enthusiasm and passion.

When workplaces engage their employees, they get enthusiastic, energized, loyal and committed people to work with. Who wouldn't want passionate people who make things happen every day in their workplace, who not only make the workplace a great place to be but who also cooperatively produce the results and outcomes that the company and organization desires?

Be the innovator, be the change. Reignite the passion within your employees, then consciously create together as a collective and move forward into a new era of meaningful, passion driven, healthy and productive business!

Building Your Workplace Community

Purpose and passion are the cornerstone of successful businesses... the trick is getting your employees engaged and the best way to do that is to assist them in lasting positive change.

An initial consultation may be requested in order to determine if Conscious Creations Unlimited is a match for the needs of your organization. Contact Erica (boersma99@hotmail.com) for more information.

Group Events/Retreats/Workshops (groups of 12+):

Keynote Speaker (1 day event ~ $100/person)

Keynote Speaker (1/2 day event ~ $50/person)

Lunch Bag Speaking (1 hour event ~ 

$1,200.00 min plus travel

$600.00 min plus travel

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